What is Clitpix?

Clitpix is an NFT project. The first launch is the “Genesis Collection” of 2,022 unique digital art pieces NFTs created by Susi Vetter, a Berlin-based visual artist.

What's the ultimate goal of the project?

The goal of Clitpix is to use the power of web3 to elevate women+’s menstrual, sexual, and reproductive health issues. Instead of “doing good” as the side dish of our project, it’s the main event. 33% of initial sales will go to organizations that support women+’s health.

I don't own any NFTs. Why should I buy one?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens and other web3 technologies are transforming the way people take ownership in the world. NFTs in particular prove ownership of digital assets. 

You might buy an NFT because it offers a unique quality and an opportunity to support artists and initiatives in a radically transparent way. 

Or because you like the art. 

Or simply because the community for the project seems cool.

Some people buy NFTs because they hope to quickly sell them. Not our jam, but we get it.

OK but how in the world do I actually get an NFT?

Yeah, it’s a bit complex. But things are getting easier. There are lots of new resources to get the lay of the land:

But we think the best way to learn is to dive in and then figure out the rest.

First step? Install a wallet, which is a Chrome extension that you’ll use to buy NFTs. There are many wallets, but we recommend Metamask.

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How do I get a Clitpix NFT?

We'll guide you through it. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and/or join our community on Discord.

When is the mint? / When can I buy a Clitpix NFT?

You can mint now at mint.clitpix.xyz!

How many Clitpix NFTs are part of the mint?

There will be 2022 Clitpix minted in the Genesis Collection.

How did the project start?

We wanted to replace the ubiquity of dick pics with beautiful images that are wanted and wonderful. We hadn't imagined ourselves being active in the world of NFTs and crypto, but we saw the opportunity to transform and improve funding to women+’s health projects. We wanted to create art that actually spoke to us—something different from the sea of PFPs.

How much does a Clitpix NFT cost?

Clitpix will be sold on the Ethereum blockchain. The exact price will be announced two weeks before the mint date. We're considering several factors in the price and are still figuring out what’s best for our community long-term.